About Us

Founded in 2000, Style West is a unique company that brings marketing, public relations, product development, sales and distribution under one roof. Style West owns and distributes däv weatherproof luxury footwear and Malibu Jane footwear and accessories.

All brands owned or represented by Style West are sold in better boutiques, specialty stores and department stores throughout the world. They are featured in top fashion media outlets and on the world’s most recognized celebrities. With a team of talented professionals, Style West executes all design, marketing, sales and operations functions in-house. In a world where outsourcing is the norm, Style West takes a different path in keeping most efforts under one roof. This unique approach allows for faster reaction to trends, better communication, improved customer service and control of brand identities. Because of this philosophy, Style West has the ability to pioneer a brand almost ‘turnkey.’ From successfully placing products on major TV shows, to warehousing and shipping products to retailers and complex international logistics, Style West is a distinctively different company that brings the ultimate in effective brand building and service.

In addition, Style West offers consulting for international designers and manufacturers who want to take their brands to the next level in sales, marketing and distribution. Our clients have included Havaianas, Taryn Rose Luxury Footwear, Mario Valentino, Freestyle Watches, Rip Curl, Patagonia, Cia. Maritima, Blu Kicks, Suriana, government agencies of Brazil and more. We offer services on introductory levels, as well as long-term projects.