about däv

däv weatherproof luxury footwear

Crafted with ultra-plush fleece linings, padded insoles and contour fit technology,

dӓv footwear is all-weather and fashion-forward. Launched in 2008, dӓv is

becoming a must-have for celebrities and shoppers in trend-setting boutiques worldwide.


Founded by fashion brand specialists David and Kerri Sengstaken, däv was designed

after years of product research and development.  Their goal was to create footwear

that would be enjoyed with or without wet weather, as a beautiful addition to any wardrobe.


Since its launch, däv has become a leader in performance footwear with international

expansion happening worldwide. Covered in top fashion magazines, news programs

and red carpet events, dӓv features cutting-edge innovation, original silhouettes,

hardware and prints.  Each design is wear-tested for comfort and durability,

assuring the highest quality possible. The brand is owned by Style West and designed in-house.

Style West also manages all marketing and branding functions for däv.